Support Us...

The purpose of fundraising efforts is to sustain the club through future years, to support the running costs of the gym and importantly subsidise entrance fees so we remain affordable and accessible for the community and it's kids.


About Us…

Why the community needs us

The club is very much a community resource where kids from 10 years old can come and achieve their goals in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. Here we have helped children build self-esteem, lose weight, improve fitness, overcome bullying, build social skills, respect and discipline.

Our impact on the community

We typically have 25 – 50 kids attending each night we are open. In the six years we have been open we have achieved a lot, Scarborough and District Community Sport Club Of The Year Award, Junior Sports Person of the Year Award, Yorkshire Championship finalists, Yorkshire Boxing Team selection on Isle of Mann trip, National Finalist in Development Championships. Not all of our kids are going to be champions but the its been massively rewarding seeing all of them develop and grow since joining.

Volunteers needed

As a growing organisation we need both back room support (committee) and additional coaching staff

Providing a challenging but fun activity for boys and girls in a supportive environment

The purpose of the fundraising efforts is to sustain the club through future years. Although donations will be used to support the running costs of the gym they will in effect be subsidising the kids entrance fees as its important to us that we remain affordable and avoid denying access to the gym by being to expensive for those we intend to be here for.

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